Difference Between Nature And Animal Behavior

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Discuss how the Issue of Nature vs. Environment helps us in Understanding Human and Animal Behaviour Oluwatusin Korede David 130904023 University of Lagos Dr Alex Igundunasse NATURE vs. ENVIRONMENT on HUMAN and ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR Are human and animal behaviour determined more by genetics or environmental influences? Or is our disposition the result of genes you inherited or has it been moulded by life experience (environment). This topic is one of the oldest topic in psychology, psychologist have been concerned with what determine our behaviour more either nature (genes) and nurture (environment), which helps us in understanding and predicting human and animal behaviour. What is nature? Nature could be defined as that which is inherited, genetic, programmed, biological, determinism and hard wired behaviour. What is nurture? Nurture is behaviour influenced by the environment or learning after conception, i.e. experience. Researchers at the extreme position of nature or heredity are called “Nativists”, at the other hand researchers at the extreme position of nurture are called “Empiricist.” NATURE/NURTURE EXPERIMENT ON ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR A professor of ornithology at Cornell University called William Dilger studied lovebirds for many years, William try to learn more about the evolution of breeding and social behaviours and to determine which parts of behaviours are inherited (nature) and which are learned (nurture or environment).To understand whether this particular

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