Nature Or Nurture

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A common psychological debate is whether individuals are more controlled by nature or nurture. In this debate, some argue that nature, the inherited traits over which we have no control, impacts our lives more. Conversely, others argue that nurture, our upbringing by our family members and relatives, has a greater influence on our lives than nature. I prefer to argue that neither is more important than the other, but rather they simultaneously mold individuals into the people they become. The attributes of our environments and genetic traits we are born with are equally influential throughout a person’s lifetime. It is not solely a genetic code that determines the kind of person we become. Typically, the events surrounding our upbringing…show more content…
Take for example a person born with a certain disease that is known for being passed down from mother to offspring. Obviously, their entire life is bound to at least partially revolve around the treatment of that disease, especially if it is a life-threatening one. Their disease may even prevent them from being able to partake in certain activities, or visit particular places. Being forced to live a life around a heritable disease can certainly take its toll on that person, both emotionally and personality-wise. Nevertheless, that is the role that nature plays. Nature is the reason behind those factors that we are born with, and have to live with for the majority of our lives. If we keep this nature vs. nurture debate in mind as we refer to Richard Hickock from the novel, In Cold Blood, we can unearth an interesting theory. From what we have read thus far, it appears that Richard Hickock is behind the murders of both Nancy Clutter and Bonnie Clutter. Initially, it is difficult to believe that he had caused such a tragedy because he had a relatively normal childhood. Unfortunately, this is another aspect that nurture dominates. At this point, some would argue that there are people out there who are born to be killers. However, such a thing is impossible because there must be some sort of affair effective enough to activate the murderer in a…show more content…
They are equally imperative in their own ways. Nonetheless, some might argue that because of “human nature,” we have no voice in who we are; everything is predetermined, and our thoughts, feelings, and actions are natural, fixed characteristics. I am compelled to disagree, because we as humans do in fact have free will. If one desires to become a zoologist, then one would decide to enroll at a university, and study biology. If one craves adventure, then one would go out, explore the world, and satisfy their wants. If one longs to be an actor or actress, then one would audition to be in a production of some sort. We decide how we think, feel, and act, based on our environment and our upbringing. On the other hand, nature is what decides our eye color, skin color, blood type, and other genetic features, including heritable
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