Difference Between New Media And Traditional Media

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“Traditional media and New Media is a team to be balance”
Article by: Janwell P. Castillo

Do you ever wonder whenever you’re walking down the street you will always see posters and announcement ads about new movies, or new personalities that we most awaited in tele series? Especially when election day, some politician use medias to have an advantage by knowing their propaganda to get the favor of people to vote them. As the years go by, we change. We change in our lifestyle, in our needs and even in media. Technology now a day is advancing even in our media is expanding just a click in the internet you will get information on the object or a question you want to know. In our media today we have traditional media and the New media and it is nice to know both of them. Media give us information on the things that we want to know and specially to entertain us.

Let’s start with the traditional media. Do you remember the days when our fathers is courting our mother? they perhaps share to you their love letters and how election were done during the 80’s and 90’s, especially in music they will call in the telephone to request the DJ to play the song that they want to hear, there’s no internet to buy what they will need in court ship they only read books, magazines and watch television for knowing the product or the news. They listen to radios to learn the music that they want to use in their play or in serenading at that time. The television, the radio and the books are what we

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