Difference Between New Media And Traditional Media

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These days, new media is on the rise and many people would say that it is gradually eclipsing old media. But what is new media and old media? According to the Oxford Dictionary, new media is defined as a form of mass communication using digital technologies like the internet while old media is defined as means of mass communication that are not interactive or do not involve the internet ("old media").

This topic is hugely relevant to our daily life as we live in an age where technology is slowly overtaking print and traditional forms of media, where the rise of Digital Media and Social Media, has drastically changed our lifestyles, socially and economically. Is traditional media really going the way of the Dinosaurs?

New media’s influence on people’s opinions and behaviours to traditional media

It is a fact that the excessive use of new media has lead to a changing perception on the uses that old media provides.

Accessibility of New Media:
New media has become very accessible, as the 21st century rolls in. In “Anatomy of Media”, Gordon states that the rise of the internet in this era, which slowly created the global village that Marshall McLuhan envisioned(13), has influenced people and driven them to lean towards new media, rather than the conventional traditional media. The global village, which brings forth the idea that the world is connected as a single community via telecommunications. Wilson, too, brings forth the subject of the internet and
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