Difference Between Nude And Nude

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Nakedness and Nudity is often used interchangeably. In Nude versus Naked, John Berger in separates them and finds distinguishable differences on them both. He had said that to be naked is to be natural without clothes and pure in oneself and seen as such, while nude is to be naked but not to be seen as one’s self. All that is nude therefore is considered naked but not all that is naked can be nude. Nakedness is the natural form of undress to be seen as is; while Nudity brings about implications and suggests numerous underlying factors that add on to the view of the spectators on the art presented to them. As we understand the view of art and in determining how one is Nude and the other-Naked, It is of necessity to understand a bit of background on art, how it is regarded and seen, and its exhibition in the Philippines Art in the Philippines is often seen as a privilege to only those of who are wealthy enough. Most Filipinos in the lower class regard art as something only the well-off have time to admire and spend time on. Art though initially for everyone is not viewed to be for every person. Most lower class workers and families simply do not have the time in their busy days to spend on Art. They much rather like to spend such time working in order to earn a living. The artworks presented in this paper were found from Art Galleries and to be discussed below is how Art Galleries came into being, in the Philippines. The awareness of the idea of giving art its proper freedom

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