Social Media Vs New Media

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Digital technologies have taken advantage of computers and the internet have led to products and services that provide information or entertainment. Social media, blogs, and online news outlets are referred to as new media. These channels of communication have a great impact on the society, businesses and politics. New media is a relative term, that has been defined by some many, but several practical and theoretical considerations help to clarify what new media is. The difference between new media and old media is that old media is for part mass media and new media is highly interactive while old media is not.
To fully understand what new media is, there is the need to first define Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is the name given to describe a second
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He stated that both started in the 1830s with Babbage’s Analytical Engine and Daguerre’s daguerreotype which led to the modern digital computer and it was developed to perform calculations on numerical data more efficiently. These led to the parallel movement, which led to the rise of modern media technologies that allow the storage of images, image sequences, sounds, and text using different material forms and the result of that led to new media which includes graphics, moving images, sounds, shapes, spaces, and texts that have been computable, that is they comprise simply another set of computer data. He introduced the five consequences of this new media which he called principles of new media and they are; numerical representation, modularity, automation, variability and cultural transcoding. (Manovich,…show more content…
New media is a catch-all term used for various kinds of electronic communications that are possible due to innovation in computer technology (Techopedia, 2017a). Old media includes newspapers, magazines, books, television and other non-interactive media, while new media consists of websites, online video, audio streams, email, online social platforms, online communities, online forums, blogs, internet telephony, web advertisements, online education, etc. (Techopedia, 2017a). New media can be customized to the user’s preferences and it can be linked from one form of content to another, unlike the old media that is simply consuming media, no interaction or feedback involved, although, old new media have found new ways to present in digital forms leaving its old ways of

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