Difference Between Passive And Passive Entertainment

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Until recently, people were happy with the form of passive entertainment. Sounds and images supplied by the TV were enough entertaining, and movie or tv series could effectively draw the viewers’ attention. People could bond with characters, cheer for them or even hate them but they did not have any impact on the development of the situation. This form of entertainment, where people can watch something without taking a part is called spectatorship. Is movie “Black Hawk Down” (2001) the same phenomena as “Battlefield” (a video game)? Although arena is similar (a war zone) and mission is to kill enemies and help your brothers-in-arms, these two entertaining productions are extremely different. It is the difference between passive and active entertainment. As TV invaded living rooms all over the world, people slowly abandoned places for community they used to use to meet and entertain, moving entertainment from active to passive. They got used to sitting back and watching things happen without their participation. This expectation to be passively entertained spread very quickly and last way too long. People stopped spending time with each other. What is different between passive entertainment in form of reading and in form of watching? Reading is not effortless and mindless, while TV often presents content not interesting at all, but in entertaining way, so it seems like it is interesting, making whole watching process effortless and mindless. Today many are not satisfied
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