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Language is a system of communication. It is a process of exchanging messages and creating meanings. There are four steps in which language can be described; the first one is to share and to understand, the second step is to converse, the third is to collaborate that is thinking, planning and making decisions and the last is the co-creation which is the joint activity, making and doing it together. Metaphorically, we call language as ‘communication’. This communication is not really limited to only words and the combination of words into sentences. Mainly there are two forms of communication the linguistic communication as mentioned above and the second one is the non-linguistic communication for example laughing, smiling, shrieking or the silent communion between two people. To understand peace and conflict in the context of language it can be described in religious views, cultural or the formation of identity. Peace and conflict have their own language. The two terms can be called oxymoron. The words used to describe them are exactly opposite from one another. The world map represents 208 countries and surely every country has faced conflict or stayed in a state of peace for some time. Today the whole world faces clashes of interests and violence. Though the both trends that are violence and harmony always have stayed together…show more content…
Now this is called the language of conflict. As we already know that in a state of conflict people do not like to communicate with each other so the code of dispute is established. Interests matter in every conflict and the clash arises because of different point of views or opinions. This is how language creates conflict. Peace will be established when these questions will be answered, when these misunderstandings will be resolved and when the state of satisfaction will be

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