Difference Between Phonetics And Phonology

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Phonetics and phonology studies the sound system clearly in different ways. Each one of them has it 's own definition and it 's own function .But after all, they still a part of the sound system that makes it more accurate. Phonetics is the study of the production of speech and it is a branch of Linguistics. Also, we can define it as "The study of speech sounds" (Fon, J. (2013). Ling 201. Ohio.). Furthermore, Phonetics has three different divisions to describe sounds such as; Acoustic phonetics, articulatory phonetics and auditory phonetics. Each division of them explains the development of phonetics .Acoustic phonetics explains the physical properties of sounds .Articulatory phonetics explains how the ways of the sound production and how it is produced .Auditory phonetics explains how the sounds are perceived .To conclude that, phonetics is developed and describes sounds by different methods. Phonology is the study of considerable sounds. Also it can be defined as "Phonology is one of the core fields that compose the discipline of linguistics, which is defined as the scientific study of language structure." (Odden, D. (1996). What is phonology?) .Also it can be defined as "Phonology has been defined as the study of sound systems, that is, the study of how speech sounds structure and function in languages."(M.hyman, L. (1975). Phonology: Theory and analysis).However, Phonology studies significant sounds that calls (Phonemes) and phonemes are meaningful sounds that can

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