Difference Between Physical Geography And Human Geography

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Physical geography and Human geography We have two types of geography. Physical geography and human geography. Physical geography is about Earth’s land areas, bodies of water, plant life, and other physical features. Physical geographers help people make decisions about managing different types of resources such as water, forests, land, and even the wind. Human geography is about people’s religions, languages, and ways of life. Human geographers help plan cities and aid in international business. Do you remember the typhoon in September 22, 2013? The name called “TianTu”. We don’t need to go to school. Everyone all stayed at home. All the children were happy!But when we were enjoyed typhoon bring us our holiday. We need to know it is very dangerous to had typhoon. This is natural disaster. W e will have a big loss. A lot of people, animals and planets died on that day. Typhoon bring the rainstorm made we can swim in the street. Rainfall reached 400 mm. It went very fast, 14m/s. There are a sea near our home. There were at least 6 meters along the coast. That were really scared. I can not fell asleep at that time. The storm were shouted outside. In Physical geography and human geography are the same. However the environment or our life we all in a danger. We lost 30 billion . In March 20, 2013. There were a hail in my hometown DongGuan. I was having lessons on that time. Suddenly the hail fell with such violence that it broke windows. It was really amazing there were had

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