Difference Between Pixar Animation And Animation

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This essay will discuss the difference between Pixar animation and Dreamworks animation and why Pixar animation is much popular than Dreamworks animation? Nowadays people loves to compare things, especially in animation. There are people who ask the same question after they watch the animation of Pixar and Dreamworks. Pixar creates wonderful animated movies such as Finding Nemo, Toy Story, and Monsters Inc. while Dreamworks also introduced their animation such as Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and much more that everyone enjoys. The evolution of their graphics gives a huge impact to everyone that provides a significant satisfaction. The technology is the key to the great progression of the animation graphics of Pixar and Dreamworks. These two animation companies are genuinely remarkable storytellers.…show more content…
However, there are people preferred Pixar animation than Dreamworks animation. How did Pixar animation manage to surpass and be better than Dreamworks animation from the start until this time? Here are the three reasons, firstly, Pixar animation provides an impressive storyline to their animated films that the audience enjoys the most and the way how the representation of the identity gives just to the character than Dreamworks animation. Secondly, the strategy of Pixar animation and Dreamworks animation on how they market a credible product to the audience that encourages them to view the featured animation film. And lastly, the consistency of the animation of Pixar and Dreamworks when it comes to the drawing itself, 3D model animation, the concept of the product and the software that they are using. These things are the key points how Pixar animation manage to dominate and overshadow Dreamworks

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