Difference Between Poetry And Poetry

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In English literature, we have many Literary Terms; and we student have to glad about that people like M.H. Abrams wrote A Glossary of Literary Terms 7TH Edition In English literature we have treasure of literary terms among them this research paper will guide us about What is Difference between Poem and Poetry and its norm and Types in English Literature. First of all we can see that what the main literary terms are in short. All Literary terms plays a very significant role and all have its own precious charm and meaning with Literary and Wordly manner. During the time of our Bachelor Degree I had observed many my collogues that they knew difference between definitional way but if we asks them they became confused, so, here, I write this research paper for those my pals and alienated pals who have some this kind of confusion between these two literary terms. So the motto of this research paper is to solve and to five the answer and solutions only for academic purpose in English Literature. Difference between Poem and Poetry:- A Poem is a literary creation where as Poetry is the art form. A Poem is a single piece of poetry which is complete in itself. Poetry is the collective terms used to describe a group of poems, which may or may not be related by theme, author, or style. The two words poem and poetry are interchangeably used through there is a difference in their inner meanings. Their connotations do differ to some extent. A poem is a piece of literary work. Poetry is
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