Yesterday Today And Tomorrow Essay

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Politics - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
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Politics - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Discuss either (2) civil rights liberties or (2) civil rights movements that have influenced a sense of responsibility in the American government today
Initially, black Americans came to America as slaves, and their primary role, therefore, was to till the American land and offer manual services at little or no pay. The blacks therefore had no rights in America and they were often regarded as commodities of trade. The black American was considered a lesser being as compared to the white man. For instance, the white man had their special schools and churches. The black people would also work in the farms and receive less pay compared to the white man. Notably, black Americans were not allowed to take part in any public elections and hence had no voting rights. Moreover, the whites
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After another protest in 1963 in Washington DC, the Congress passed the civil rights acts. The bill banned discrimination in all public places including schools, churches and even in jobs. In 1967, the blacks were granted the right to vote in America. Recently, America has protested against the killing of the blacks over a crime committed on the streets. Statistics shows that the police are likely to kill black suspects as opposed to the white people. The Black Lives Matter organization was formed in August 2014, and it led to a march towards Missouri after the killing of Michael brown by the police. The movement started to end the brutality directed towards the black Americans. In effect, the police have continuously changed their attitude towards the black people, and there is hence equality in the approach and the process taken to present them for a hearing in

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