Difference Between Postmodernism And Post Modernism

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The term postmodernism has been used variably to refer to what are interpreted as major changes in the way the contemporary world can and ought to be represented. The term, introduced from architecture and art criticism which then passed into philosophy and literary studies, has now become something of a common place in social sciences. Postmodernism, however, is not a natural kind nor a material artifact. It isn't even a theory, that is to say, a work of intellectual architecture, freestanding and well-founded. Instead it bears the signature of an intellectuals' movement: the "ism" ending. We speak of the Theory of Relativity, and then again we speak of Relativism. That pair exemplifies the distinction I mean. We should distinguish between the terms post- modern and post-modernism. The former might be set to refer to a social and cultural condition, whereas the…show more content…
For some it is an aspect of what Bell(1973) referred to as post-industrialization, the movement from mass industrial towards information based technology and the emergence of an information society in which control of communication was to become central. Modernity is the application of rational knowledge , it means that it is based on testable and verifiable knowledge , cause and effect relationship ,every effect is a cause and every cause is a effect , so modernity is the application of cause and effect relationship in knowledge , finding objective

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