Difference Between Print Media And Electronic Media

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Social Media Marketing Effectiveness: Comparison with Print and Other Electronic Media Advertisement
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In this time when people are moving from print media to electronic media and then moving toward social media networks which is also the part of electronic media , it is very essential for the marketers to understand that why people are shifting their attention towards electronic media from print media. Use of media that is print, electronic and social media is changing the attitudes of the customers while different decision makings in people daily life such as shopping, living standards. Print media includes the newspapers and magazines etc which are easily available at home, roads sides or in markets anywhere while Electronic media contains radio, television and social media contains on social websites on internet which help people to communicate with each other. With the introduction of internet which is full of social network sites, whole scenario of media has changed towards a new direction. Looking at increasing use of internet we can say that
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Due to dramatic change in media people are more concern about the future of print media. From about 600 years printing is basic medium of mass communication for the storage and getting knowledge and information. Electronic media is exists from about second half of last century. Electronic media is over taking print media very quickly. Problem with the print media is that very less people are reading now. News papers are losing readers in the age group of 15 to 25 years of age and television and internet is the main reason behind this. This is the dangerous threat to the future of print media. Traditional media has seen a major transition in recent decades. The fourth revolution, also known as the second generation of internet based

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