Difference Between Privacy And Freedom Of The Media In The Age Of Media

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The debate between privacy and the media is not new. The interrelation between the two has been discussed by many scholars as well as the courts across many jurisdictions. A recent US court decision valuing Hulk Hogan’s privacy over freedom of the press in the Gawker case has given a fresh stimulus to this on-going debate in the context of internet media. This decision calls for a review of the notion that privacy rights conflict with freedom of the press, especially in cases involving a celebrity or a public figure. The media, while exercising its freedom of the press, under appropriate circumstances, can publish private information of celebrities if it is newsworthy or in the public interest. However, with the advent of invasive journalism and popular internet culture, characterization of media, or even a celebrity, has become gradually difficult. Privacy rights is an essential component of freedom of speech, but in cases where the former are in question, freedom of the press cannot be equated with freedom of speech. This essay, while taking into consideration the burgeoning of ‘new’ media and micro-celebrities, seeks to put forth an argument that privacy rights to an extent escalate over freedom of the press.
Privacy is essential to free speech
Privacy and freedom of speech are both fundamental rights recognised internationally as well as by the Indian Constitution. It is often believed that privacy is in

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