Difference Between Probation And Parole

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“Probation and parole are so similar that many jurisdictions combine them into a single agency”(401). Probation by definition is a criminal sanction in which a convict is allowed to remain in the community rather than be imprisoned. Parole by definition is the conditional release of an inmate before his or her sentence has expired.The programming for probation and parole should be administered different. Usually probation is for offenders with less serious crimes. Parole is for offenders with usually more serious crimes like murder. So I think it is safe to say that parole should be more strict and taken from somewhat of a different angle. Each offender for probation is given conditions and principles they must follow. Not every offender’s conditions and principles are the same and this is because it depends on the crime that was committed and criminal background. These conditions are…show more content…
Those would be do not break state or local laws, no drugs or alcohol or enter drinking establishments, no firearms or weapons, maintain acceptable behavior and report arrest within twenty-four hours, Also, allow contacts by parole officers at home and/or employment and submit to random searches of person, residence, or motor vehicle. So although parole and probation are very similar in conditions probation is usually more stern supervision. Now that I gave you all the reasons supervisions may differ from probation and parole I will tell you how I would supervise a probationer and a parolee differently. I would supervise them differently on the terms of conditions they have. If the probationer has a standard of conditions then I would have them report to me regularly, notify the agency of address, not leave the jurisdiction without permission and have to remain employed. The ways that a parolee 's supervision would differ is the same standards that a probationer has but also the standards that I mentioned earlier for a
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