Difference Between Public And Private Hospital

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Public vs Private Hospitals Hospital is a place that provide health facilities for the patients, also they offer special treatment when you are not feeling well. Most countries have two types of hospitals and they are public and private hospitals. Kuwait has a various number of public hospitals and one of the popular public hospitals is Alsabah hospital. The approximate number of private hospitals is ten and one of the popular and oldest of these hospitals is Alhadi. Moreover, the public hospitals provide pharmacies in every area. While public and private hospitals share similarities, they share three important differences. The first difference between public and private hospitals is the service. First, the payment methods in the public hospital. As an example, when citizens go to the public hospital they do not pay money, but non-Kuwaiti people must pay a small fee to be able to have a medical care. Secondly, public hospitals do not provide new beds and the cleaning service is imperfect. For example, the workers do not clean well to organize the hospital. Third, you cannot choose your doctor and the appointment date. For example, most patient get the appointment randomly not by their choice. Lastly the food provided in public hospital is bland. As an example, the food they served me in one of the public hospital when I stayed in there was not delicious. On the other hand, all the patients should pay money when they go to private hospital. In addition, they have the best
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