Difference Between Quantitative And Qualitative Approaches

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This essay carry an aim to explore quantitative and qualitative approaches which it is a whole design including assumptions, the process of inquiry, the type of data collected and the measuring of findings. The quantitative approach view human phenomena being amenable to objective study, for example, it is able to be measured. It has its root in positivism. Quantitative research is similar to traditional scientific methods as it stating in advance hypothesis and research questions. Besides, it determines the methods of data collection and analysis. The findings of quantitative research are presented in statistical language. Quantitative approach to research involves data collection methods such as structured questionnaire, interviews, and observations together with other tools such as experiment, content analysis and survey. On the other hand, in depth interviews and unstructured observations are associated with qualitative research. Researches have to choose methods which are appropriate for answering their questions. Henwood and Pidgeon (1993) stated quantitative research deals with quantities and numbers while qualitative research deals with quality and descriptions which is too simple and unhelpful. The purpose of quantitative research is to measure concepts or variables that are predetermined objectively and to examine the relationship between them numerically and statistically. The following criteria should be fulfilled in quantitative research which is validity,
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