Difference Between Radical And Incremental Innovation

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Innovation is the management of all the activities involved in the process of idea generation, technology development, manufacturing and marketing of a new (or improved) product or manufacturing process or equipment. There are different types of innovation. First, radical versus incremental innovation where one research draws the distinction between radical and incremental innovations (Abrunhosa and E Sa, 2008; Lin and Chen, 2007; Prajogo and Sohal, 2003, Forsman and Temel, 2011). Radical innovation represents entirely new and different offering through which enterprises aim to get create new markets (Garcia and Calantone, 2002). Radical innovation has been considered as risky actions since they need the time financial resources and expensive knowledge (Cainelli et al., 2006 in Forsman and Temel, 2011). While incremental innovation includes the addition of elements of the service, product, or process. In another word, incremental innovations represent a minor improvement to the existing products, services and processes through which organization often pursue to enhance processes, make operations more effective, improve the quality and decrease costs (Sewar and Dutton, 1986 in Forsman and Temel, 2011). These additions enhance the effectiveness of the organization for their goal, at the same time maximize the customer satisfaction from these improvements.
Second, Technology vs marketing innovations. Technological innovation relating to new products, processes or services,
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