Social Importance Of Totemism In Nigeria

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Register to read the introduction…At these times the whole okka or Coorg community get polluted. They are in a state of ritual impurity until they are done with all the rituals and daily rites. The mother of a new born baby attains purity only after 60th day. Pollution is high in the closest relatives of both new born and a dead man. If it is a case of death, wife and eldest son are in a state of pole for two weeks while others retain their status very soon. The length of mourning period is an index of social importance of the dead person (srinivas p 110) . on the days of mourning family members offer food,and necessary items to dead persons. Through this ceremony the dead persons are remembered constantly(sri…show more content…
Totemism is not possible with out a collective action. Individuals depend on thius collectivity . The basic reason behind revering an object and giving it with special qualities is concerned with mental needs, emotional fullfillment of individaul. Primitive knowledge of religion is not entirely mystical. Those are created by experiances and reasons. For eg., they had a wide knowlede of weather seasons and crops. Even tough they had a wide experience they relid on magical beliefs at certain times. They were actually reluctant to give the credit of their victory to these super natural powers. They were practicing magic just to add luck to their mental and physical efforts. As malinoski points out,” he knows taht a plant canot grow by magic alone or a canoe sail or float without being properly constructed and mnaged, or a fight be won without skill and…show more content…
Use of sex was a part of rites and rituals. Socity also had norms regarding individual sexual behaviour. In reality religion was a hurdle in violating these norms. Food also had a social value and ritual chatractor. The act of eating was related to specific prescriptions of table mannarse and food items. They offerd fruits to deities during special days like harvesting , feasts etc. The collective help was necessary in making food ritual. Through the sacramental m,eal they believed in the renewal of man.

Primitive man has a selective interest in nature(44). They select only a specific species of plants and animals as their totem. According to this subdivision of species there is a parallel division of tribes into many clans. They select their totems from plants and animals which they are more acquinted with. They conside animals first and plants secomd. They donot kill or eat those

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