Difference Between Revenge And Justice

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Do justice and revenge have the same meaning? The answer is no. Both can be interpreted as the same, when reacting to occasions when one is accused of doing the wrong or unlawful task. Revenge is to get even with someone, or to be satisfied with your own personal opinion. Justice is logical, legal, and is to help keep peace weather it is benefitting yourself or not.

The word justice comes from the word just, which means fair. This means that when you do something wrong, you have to accept the consequences for what you did. Every society has their own system of justice. This system has rules and regulations for different types of crimes. We have justice to teach though’s who don 't follow the rules a lesson. We have justice to keep people safe. We have justice so that revenge doesn’t take over. For example, there is a thief who has stolen from a grocery store, and he was caught by an employee. The thief was then sent to a police station where he was given the punishment. This is justice, because he was punished for the wrong he did. With out the justice that is put on to all Society members, we would live in a
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Which often leads to chaos. "If I were going to set out to oppress other people, I would surely prefer to select for my victims persons whose first response is forgiveness rather than persons whose first response is revenge."We don’t have justice to take away from freedom, but to bring peace. Everymember of a society should strive to advance in a stronger and more peaceful environmaent. We can 't acomplish that out justice. Justice keeps us safe, and helps bring what is fair to the people. Revenge is such a childish word. Revenge destroys sosietys, and takes away from that good there is. Some say that justice is unfair, but that 's the great part of it, is you can continue to fight and fight to get what you
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