Difference Between Romeo And Juliet Movie And Movie

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Why do you think it is necessary to make changes when you make a movie based on a book? Discuss this in the light of the film “William Shakespeare”? Romeo and Juliet co-written and directed by Baz Luhram with Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. Writing of play started merely from the 12th century, it comprised varieties such as miracle play, morality play and mystery play which were played in theatres. Romeo and Juliet is one of the plays written in 16th century by the William Shakespeare. He wrote three kinds of plays namely Tragedy, Comedy and Historic plays. The play Romeo and Juliet is about Tragedy where main characters (Romeo and Juliet) die in the end. One of the most tragic plays of William Shakespeare has been transformed into movies. Latest version is the one, which was co-written and directed by Baz Luhram in 1996 with all the modern elements in the movie, in order to attract modern youths. As we go through a book and a movie, we come across many variations being made in the movie compared to a book such as setting, costumes, and weapons, dialogues. As both literature and film rely on different tools to evoke the same feelings or tell the same story.
One reason for necessary changes could be due to the differences in time between the writing of play and screening of the movie generally because of change in the people’s choices and preferences, it was necessary for Baz Luhram to
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