Difference Between Rural And Rural Tourism

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1. Introduction Tourism is one of the world 's fastest growing industries which cause great interest of developed and developing countries. Tourism becoming a major economic force and that is why nowadays attention increases towards to the importance of this industry. Tourism is generally seen as bearer of significant financial and social advantage to rural areas through advancements it might bring especially to less economically developed areas. Rural Tourism can support in-movement and attraction of rural-based business people (Roberts & Hall, 2001, p. 6). According to Mr. Luigi Cabrini (WTO Regional Representative for Europe) “the term rural tourism is normally used when rural culture is a key component of the product on offer. The distinguishing feature of tourism products in rural tourism is the wish to give visitors a personalized contact, a taste of the physical and human environment of the countryside and, as far as possible, allow them to participate in the activities, traditions and lifestyles of local people ’’(United Nations World Tourism Organization ,[UNWTO ], 2004, p. 9 ). ““Tourism 2020 vision” indicates that the assortment of the rural tourism products to present to the tourists is a few ,however the growth is predicted in the next decade (UNWTO, 2004, p. 9). 1.1. Statement of the Problem Regions of Azerbaijan have variety of cultural and natural resources which allow organizing of rural tourism . Rural tourism is a new developing type of tourism in

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