Difference Between Schools And Private Schools

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Afghanistan is a country that has been in conflict and war for the past thirty years. One of the direct consequences of the war has been on the education system of the country. During the Taliban regime going to school and getting education was a privilege that only men were given. As a result most of the women did not get any education during the Taliban regime. Since the US invasion in 2001, one of the sectors that have seen tremendous progress is the education system; women are allowed to go to school and universities, reconstruction of schools both in the capital and the provinces, and opening up of many private schools and universities. Opening up of new private schools and universities is a market that is not only new in Afghanistan but also grow is growing really fast. In this essay, I will compare and contrast private and public schools mainly in two aspects. First, why private schools are getting more popularity than public schools, what are the differences between the two in terms of their approach to education, and finally which school system would I prefer for myself. During the Taliban regime women were left behind in their education, and when the schools were reopen for them, the public schools did not only have to accept the current students but also all those students who were left behind. As a result, public schools are overcrowded. Private schools are very less crowded comparing to public school. Overcrowded public schools are not able to provide the

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