Difference Between Secular And Non Secular Person

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History is wrought with conflicts centered on religion. We can easily look at the religious persecutions and the inquisitions in Europe that led to the mass migration of people to the U.S. in search of religious freedom. We can also see the religious paternalistic mindset of the British as they colonized India and set-up policies that insulted both Hindus and Muslims. Though the conflict between religions still remains in contemporary times, as secularism takes the stage along side democracy a new conflict between secular and non-secular arises. To answer the question of who is not a secular person requires us to first define who and what is a secular person. To put it simply, the word secular is generally used to refer to non-religious things. By the same token, a secular person is generally not religiously affiliated, but that does not mean the person does not have spiritual beliefs. The word non-secular is generally used to refer to religious things, but does not mean that it is spiritual since some non-secular practices are done out of tradition rather then belief. Therefore a person who is not secular is religious in their beliefs and practices and a secular person is not. By this logic non-secular people make-up a non-secular society while secular people make-up a secular society. This logic is very limiting and in no way fits the complex social structures that actually compose society today. There is no binary secular and non-secular within society and it would be
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