Difference Between Secular And Worldview

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What do you understand by Worldview? Worldview is a fundamental attitude of human being towards the universe. How we understand the world is the matter of worldview. As comprehensive system, it is contained not only nature of human life and world but also social, political, ethical and other range of ideas. Worldview could be affected by custom, education, religion…etc. but I think the most important factors are where we live, who we interact with and what we believe. There could be several ways to divide type of worldview but, here, we separate it as Islamic and secular worldview.

ⅰ. What differences secular and Islamic worldviews create between mainstream and Islamic economics? Secular and Islamic world have different worldview from each other. Secular perspective, our life is separated from religion and people tend to pursue individual and materialistic life. On the other hand, Islamic perspectives, all aspects of our life are related with the principle of Islam. There are dual worldview which one is present life and the other one is hereafter. Everything in present life is provided by Allah and human just utilize it according to his will. If there is any misuse or mistreat it will be punished on the date of judgment. Due to these different worldviews, there are differences between mainstream which was developed in secular system and Islamic economics. First, in mainstream, people believe there are scarce resources. So in order to maximize their satisfaction, it is

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