Difference Between Security And Human Security

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1. State security and human security State security protects the state 's sovereignty and territorial grounds from external military intimidation (Acharay 2008: 492). It is there to protect the values and ethics of the nation and most importantly the people living within its boundaries. States are judged on how well they can stop attacks and beat external threats. State security is needed for the survival of the state and that is done through economic and political power. State security is similar to the primary concept of national security (Aghedo and Osumah 2012: 855). Human security on the other hand is a very powerful concept which mainly broadens the meaning of security. Its focus is on the protection of the individual rather than protection of the state (Acharay 2008: 492). It helps to identify the challenges that individuals have to cope with in means of surviving, for instance their fight against poverty, life threatening diseases, protecting their human rights and making environmental stress more capable. Human security does not only imply for survival but also the basic needs in life. The scope of human security includes food security in means of having access to food, economic security in means of getting your basic salary for your duties provided, environmental security by protecting you against outside threats, health security by protecting you against diseases, political security by protecting one’s human rights and freedom, personal security by protecting
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