Difference Between Selinger And Shohamy And Alice In Wonderland

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In the present essay/reflection, the work of Selinger and Shohamy (1989) and the movie of Alice in Wonderland (1951), based on the book of Lewis Caroll (1865), are carefully observed in order to find certain connections the movie has with the preparatory stages of research according to my perspective. The first connection is at the beginning of the movie when Alice sees the rabbit with a watch running fast for the reason that he is late. Alice says that situation is curious, so she wants to know what would a rabbit be late. This can be related to what Selinger and Shohamy (1989) say about the importance of being curious about what surrounds us and make questions about it with the intention of answering them. Although, after chasing the rabbit for a while, Alice thinks that sometimes “curiosity leads to trouble”. This can have a connection with common situations when we cannot answer the questions since they are not feasible in general or for the reason that in a particular context there are not the resources to answer…show more content…
They enter into this world of wonder, abundant information, and questions without even having a clear, established question; therefore, they might find it difficult to decide which path to take, which procedures apply, among other situations. This lack of previous research preparation can cause the withdrawal of the research project because, as Alice feels in the middle of the movie, novice researchers feel lost for the reason that they do not have a clear idea of where, how, and what they want to obtain from their work. Consequently, before diving deep into research information and planning, it is important to follow the phases that Selinger and Shohamy (1989) present in order to avoid wasting time and effort in ideas without a
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