Gender Differences Between Sexuality And Gender

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NAME: CHIMEZUTEH EJIKEME-MICAH COURSE: CULTURAL AND CRITICAL STUDIES LECTURER: LOIZIDOU CHRYSTALLENI PAPER TITLE: SEXUALITY AND GENDER SEXUALITY AND GENDER I have always wondered about the differences between sexuality and gender. They are similar in a way but yet quite different. I chose this specific topic in order to properly understand what sexuality and gender means and how it affects the society at large. Before I go further into the topic, we first have to know what sexuality is and gender is. So what then is sexuality and gender? Sexuality could mean different things. According to the “English Dictionary”, is that which is characterized…show more content…
Some people these days tend to not agree to whom they are sexually as they believe they are “born into the wrong bodies” hence behaving like the sex they choose and want to be. For example, a girl who feels like she is a boy but in the wrong body tends to start behaving like a boy just feel satisfy her conscience and same goes for the boys. The society can also play a major role in the sexuality of a person. For example, a girl born into a family of so many boys and being the only girl, might start behaving like a boy hence the phrase “tomboy”. The physical and emotional aspects of ones sexuality includes bonds between individuals that is expressed through profound feelings or physical manifestation of love, trust and care. The sexuality of a person could also be affected by the cultural, political, legal, philosophical, moral, ethical, and religious aspects of life. People just don’t become sexually active overnight. It takes a gradual process as it increases when an individual reaches the age of puberty. There are some characteristics in human beings that are innate and could be modified by the physical and social environment in which people socialize in. the sexuality of humans is then driven by genetics and mental activity. This sexual drive later on affects the development of personal identity and social activities. What…show more content…
To put it simply, gender is the identification of male or female due to their ability to perform as male or female (reproductive roles). it could also be seen as a range of characteristics pertaining to and differentiating between masculinity and femininity. Gender plays a very significant role in the society. The gender of a person could determine how well they fit in the society as some societies tend to favor the males better than the females as they believe that males are superior to female. This in some societies is a problem as women are trying to fight for their right to be able to do things that the males do. In some societies, women are given higher roles to play just because they are married to a man who holds a very reputable position and is of a high value. Judith Butler, who is a very strong feminist, in her opinion in feminist theory, states that the development of a language that fully or adequately represents women has seemed necessary to foster the political visibility of women. Michal Foucault, a French philosopher, points out that the juridical system of power produce the subjects they subsequently come to
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