Difference Between Small Government Vs Small Business

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Small Business vs Big Government
The American Dream, everyone in America has a dream, some are to own their own home, others desire to serve others. But those who decide to start and operate their own business have had a rougher and rougher road to navigate. Not only do these small business have to compete with large “Box Stores” with pricing, availability, and convenience, but now government has regulated small business to the point of extinction.
Government: It’s My Money and I Need It Now
Capital gains tax is a profit tax imposed on those who buy stocks or bonds at one price and sell them at a higher price. The same goes for the purchase and selling of real estate, HGTV has given many of people the idea to buy real estate that needs fixing up and turning it around to sell. Most do not know that when they do this there is a strong possibility that they will have to pay a high rate of tax on the profits they make to the government. According to the IRS it is possible for a business to pay 0%, 10%, 15%, and up to 20% on the profits made from a sell, this in addition to any federal and state income tax, business personal property tax, Medicare, FICA, and health care. It is hard for small businesses to prosper in the US.
Democrat View on Taxes
Most democrat believe that it is fair to tax those who have more due to their ability to pay more. That to give tax breaks to the rich doesn’t do anything but line the pockets of the rich and take money from the middle and lower class.

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