Essay On Social Constructionism

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Social constructionism is a major theory used in the academic study of religion. Social constructionism is the theory that reality, truth and meaning is just society just running its course. Bringing this into perspective there have been many different viewpoints as to whether or not this is a valid idea or whether this becomes a paradox of some kind. The idea that our religions has been constructed by the humans living in due to the social process of human beings living through life. Now if truth, reality and meaning are constructed by people, the idea of institutions seems preposterous to most people. It would be like having control over something that does not exist. Now in the world that we currently live in with this idea in mind, the “things” that…show more content…
Agnosticism is the fact that humans will not be able to know the nature of what god is or anything that is not within our plane of existence; they are neither a believer or a non-believer. Relativism is that your beliefs, knowledge and truths are subjective to your culture, society and your history. Social constructionism may lead to this because the theory is that everything is all going according to a social process and the truths that humans view as truths are only truths because a certain society views them as truths which begs the question whether or not they are universal truths and whether or not these truths could be something that has been fabricated by an individual long ago. Social constructionism overall is a very interesting theory that can be seen in many different ways. With the introduction of this theory to religion it can change how people look at religion as a whole and may very well alter individuals view of the basis of what religion is in a very major way. Along with changing the way people view religion it may also explain the history of
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