Difference Between Social Constructionism And Religion

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Social constructionism is a major theory used in the academic study of religion. Social constructionism is the theory that reality, truth and meaning is just society just running its course. Bringing this into perspective there have been many different viewpoints as to whether or not this is a valid idea or whether this becomes a paradox of some kind. The idea that our religions has been constructed by the humans living in due to the social process of human beings living through life. Now if truth, reality and meaning are constructed by people, the idea of institutions seems preposterous to most people. It would be like having control over something that does not exist. Now in the world that we currently live in with this idea in mind, the “things” that are currently controlling us in a sense is the institutions or religions, the churches and the schools. Some implications of these institutions according to this theory is to give control over something that is uncontrollable. Now in this sense one may infer that it may not be explicitly controllable but it can be coerced into a direction favorable into the desired direction. The government for example; individuals believe that the government is there to keep the rich and the poor separated with a very distinct line to keep the line from shifting. Many people may think that social constructionism and religion are in two different worlds. However people think that the two are in two separate worlds however, the two are very

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