Disadvantages Of Working As A Social Worker

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Social Work and Social Policy are two professions that help individuals aid the people in society by means of the work that they do. Just like every profession known to mankind, social work and social policy have their advantages and disadvantages that are taken into consideration by an individual when deciding if they want to choose Social Work or Social Policy as the profession that they want to work in.
Starting with Social work, there are various aspects to consider when debating whether to choose this profession : personal qualities, goals, motivations, skills, values, job opportunities and job satisfaction.

In regards to personal qualities, one must keep in mind that a social worker will need multiple characteristics to be a good social
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While pay does not attract many to this line of work, it is a career that makes workers feel good about themselves. Even though the pay of this line of worker is not attractive to many, it is a career that will enhance the self-esteem of workers. By assuming a key part in enhancing the lives of others, social workers manufacture their own particular self-confidence and can feel pleased with themselves for being included in such an excellent profession. Since I am a person with low self-confidence I may fear that I am not doing a good enough job when helping certain individuals; however, I believe that I will be able to develop more self-confidence through this…show more content…
Some social workers also have employment in prisons to work with inmates. The wide choice available for social workers makes it possible for the individual to have various job opportunities, which means that a social worker can work in a setting they deem fit for them, and are able to choose a different setting if their chosen setting is not right for them. ("5 Pros and Cons of Being a Social Worker", 2015) However, although social workers have a lot of opportunities , they may be working with other professionals who might believe that they are better than you; therefore, they will look down on
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