Difference Between Sociology And Sociology

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History is the study of past human events it essentially the study and focus of looking at human life through past events. Sociology is heavily connected to history as sociology looks at different parts of human life by trying to develop and explain certain human ideas and activities. Sociology explains from a historical context why humans have acted and done certain things over the years. Sociology helps further flesh out historical perspectives by looking at the sociological process of history how and why people interact. This directly relates to my paper in which I will look at how social perspectives can be used to explain historical framework of society. In my sociologist, I will look at how history and sociology are related to and connected to one another. I will also look at through historical framework from a sociological perspective why drug use continues to rise among the wider population specifically ADHD medicine for children and opioids for adults. Sociology and the social forces that subsequently flow and control the world are an important aspect of understanding the world. It understanding the sociological perspective and the social imagination in the context of the history of the world that helps sociologists to explain the social forces that are apart of everyday life. This idea directly ties into Mills "Uses of History" chapter in his book Social Imagination which tries to explain how history enhances our understanding of sociology offering sociologist
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