Difference Between Substantive Law And Procedural Law

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The legal system is a big web with different branches that go off to different areas the two different types of law that needs addressing is substantive law and procedural law. Which sounds similar but two very different parts of the law. Substantial law is how people and/or the state should act. Procedural law is how the legal laws should act in regards to implementation. But in the end procedural law is a stem of a form of substantial law.
Substantive Law is defined by the legal relationship of people with other people or between them and the state. (Pagnattaro, Cahoy, Magid, Reed, & Shedd, 2016, p. 14) Substantive law is used to “write law that states the rights, duties and liabilities of the citizens and collective bodies.” (Surbhi,
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Substantive law regulates individual and/or government agencies. (Surbhi, 2017) Third, procedural law creates the apparatuses for enforcing laws. Substantive law “sates the rights and obligations of the citizens.” (Surbhi, 2017) Fourth, procedural law can be applied to either legal or non-legal matters. Whereas substantive law cannot go toward non-legal matters. (Surbhi, 2017) Fifth, procedural law is regulated by statutory laws and substantive law is a governed law. Sixth, procedural law is initiated and prosecuted through civil and/or criminal proceedings. Substantive law is the rights of the concerned parties and the punishment of the individuals that have done wrong. Lastly, “procedural law deals with the affairs inside the court like appealing, presenting evidence, representation of counsel, pleading, reviewing.” Substantive law main purpose is to deal with matters outside of the court, such as “like fundamental rights and liabilities of the members of the society.” (Surbhi, 2017)
The legal system very big and very different the two different law types, substantive law and procedural law. Very similar yet very different parts of the law. Substantial law has it own divides where people and/or the state meet. Whereas procedural law tells the legal laws how they should act or set the ground work for the laws. But in the end procedural law is a stem of a form of substantial
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