Tannenbaum And Schmidth Leadership Theory Essay

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The Tannenbaum and Schmidth Leadership Continuum leadership theory was developed by Robert Tannenbaum and Warren H Schmidth. This theory was developed in 1958 to fill the vacuum created for managers to exhibit flexibility to their teams. Tannenbaum and Schmidth Leadership Continuum theory shows the association between level of freedom between the Managers and his team. According to the Webster Dictionary, a continuum is a range or series of things that are slightly different from each other and that exist between two different possibilities.
The Tannenbaum and Schmidt continuum supports managers decision train, develop their team and invest authority within their care. The Theory highlights
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The team has the ability to influence the final outcome, and to make changes to the decision. By using this style, the leader acknowledges that the team has valuable insight into the problem. This shows that he or she trusts the team members and wants them to participate actively in problem solving and decision making. This leadership style can build cohesiveness, and provide much-needed motivation to a team.
Joins – The leader presents the problem and then asks the team for suggestions and options to consider. Through the discussion that follows, the team helps the leader decide. So, while the leader ultimately makes the decision, decision making is a very collaborative process, and the team feels valued and trusted. This style is often used when the team has specific knowledge and expertise that the leader needs to make the best decision.
Delegates – The leader outlines the problem; provides decision parameters and allows the team to find solutions and make a final decision. The leader remains accountable for the outcome, and he or she controls risks by setting limits and defining criteria that the final decision must meet. To delegate this much authority, the leader needs to trust the team and ensure that it has the support and resources necessary to make a solid
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