Difference Between Technical And Technical Writing

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Writing is a form of communication that may express the opinion of one another, to give share useful information to others, to convey our feelings towards another. As writers write a piece like poems and novels or financial reports and case studies, they always intend to appeal a category of readers rather that to the entire cross-section of readers. Writing depends on who will read the piece, why it was written and how it was constructed. That’s why writing is categorized into two main styles namely, technical writing and literary writing.
Technical writing is a written form of writing or drafting technical communication used in a variety of technical and occupational fields, such as computer hardware and software, engineering, chemistry,
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In technical writing, the language used is direct, factual, and straightforward. In this example, From 1998 to 2013, the rate of global mean surface warming slowed, which some call the “global warming hiatus.” In the current paper, researchers conclude the term “global warming hiatus” is a misnomer, or rather should be qualified to refer to the surface warming, which did slow down (e.g., “global surface warming slowdown”) the writing style used is straightforward as it means what it is written. At the same time, it is factual because it is based on the history and statistics of the researchers. While in literary writing, it is more carefully structured and uses words for the rhetorical effect of their flow, their sound, and their emotive and descriptive qualities. Another…show more content…
The structure of technical writing has technical vocabulary (e.g. use of jargons), simple sentences, impersonal, and objective tone. In this sentence: The researchers suggest the climate community replace the term “global warming hiatus” with “global surface warming slowdown” to eliminate confusion. The use of the technical terms like ‘global warming hiatus’, ‘global surface warming slowdown’ and ‘climate’ as well as the use of impersonal and objective tone, makes it clearly that it uses technical writing style. Whereas, the structure of a literary writing can employ tone, rhyme, rhythm, irony, dialogue and its variations such as dialects and slang, and a host of other devices in the construction of a particular prose work, poem, or play. For

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