Difference Between Teenagers And Teenagers

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"Technology at school? Of course not!" exclaimed my mother. Multiple factors have changed the way of life between young teenagers back in 1980 and young teenagers now. Some of which are the type of food, education, fashion, music and probably the most important, technology. As I interviewed my mother, I learned how different her teenage life was from mine. Many people consider current teenage lives easier because all these factors seem to be favorable; however, it does not have always a positive impact in our lives.

Today, we eat, have dinner and even sometimes have breakfast with our friends. Various times I have eaten at a fast food restaurant with some of my fellows. I personally have a very good time; we usually gossip about new posts on social media other people have shared. We usually eat lots of candy, like for example chips, sweets and energetic drinks. All of which is extremely common among people of our age. However, back in 1980 this was not popular among young teens. "Family meals with our parents were very common, in fact, only under special circumstances, I was allowed to skip a family meal," claimed my mother. She also argued that she never ever ate fast food products like for instance McDonald 's hamburgers and chips. Soup, paella and roast beef were some of the common meals. When hanging out they would only eat "regalices rojos" and "pipas". Another difference I found quite interesting and maybe exhausting for my grandma was how she used to wake up early

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