Difference Between Terrorism And International Terrorism

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Terrorism is in the extensive sense, the use of purposely indiscriminate violence as a means to generate terror, to attain a political, spiritual or conceptual aim. It is used in this regard mainly to refer to violence against peacetime aims or in war against non-fighting. It is mainly caused because of the hate towards certain group of people. They are National terrorism and International terrorism. National terrorism involves attacking their own people and opposing their government for certain reasons. On the other side, International terrorism involves people taking the weapon of terrorism for spiritual beliefs and other aspects.
Terrorism has been never an end but means to an end. Even in case of specific terrorism, there is always certain social or economic objective to achieve. Individual terrorist carry protests against the system which is expressed in violent form. Martha Crenshaw substantiates this idea when she visibly defined terrorism as means to a political end. And it is the type of means employed i.e. planned violence that terms a group as terrorist or otherwise. It is worth saying that in their pursuit to achieve political goals, terrorist do not employ political means. They accept violence and criminal path to accomplish their objectives. Anyhow the fact that, in the beginning, terrorist group’s functions as political party, at the later phase they switch over to violence and intimidation when the concerned government discards their demands. Terrorism,
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