Difference Between The Canterbury Tales And The Teller's Tale

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Canterbury Tales Contest The initial round of the story telling contest has finished! Since I am the judge of this contest, I feel that in this first round of tales it has come down to the Knight’s Tale and the Miller’s Tale. Both stories are concerned with love triangles, but the outcome of each story differs. In the Knight’s Tale, he tells of a man who struggles to choose between two beautiful women. The Miller’s Tale however is more unacceptable because it includes adultery. His tale is of a love triangle but in his story, the woman in married to one man, meeting with another man, and being adored by yet another man. Despite the Miller’s great describing of his tale, I have proclaimed that the Knight’s Tale wins this battle based on each tellers’ social status, the basis of each story and it’s entirety, and the lesson taught in each story. The…show more content…
Although the Miller’s tale is interesting and well written, it’s not quite morally sound and is nothing compared to the Knight and his tale. The Knight is in the upper class while the Miller is with the city folk who are turning into the new middle class. The Miller upset the host when he began his tale because of the order of the tales were suppose to follow the social class structure, but the Miller drunkenly insisted in following right after the Knight when it was suppose to be the Monk. The subject of the Knight’s tale was way more interesting and appropriate compared to the Miller’s Tale who’s tale consisted of adultery and inappropriate acts of love. Finally, there were lessons in each tale of course but the Knight’s lesson far surpasses that of the Miller’s. The Knight’s lesson is that people will do anything for the person they love while the Miller’s lesson is to marry someone of the same age as yourself. These are all the facts that I based my decision on and hence why the Knight wins this battle of the
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