Discuss The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Totalitarianism

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Totalitarianism which is a state that absolute control over its citizens and Liberal Democracy which is a sate that allows for liberty and individualism for its citizens. This assignment will critically analyse the difference between Totalitrianism and Liberal Democracy.
Totalitarianism is a form of state that does not allow for individuals to have freedom and it subordinates the lives of its individuals by having authority over them . Benito Mussolini who was an Italian dictator who established the word ''Totalitario'' during the early 1920s to describe the new facist state of Italy, where he stated '' all within the state, none outside the state, none against the state''. By the time World War 2 had began tolitarianism had become associated with absolute and oppressive one-party government. In its simplest for
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The single party rule which has absolute power is able to make prompt actions and decisions, to the party such a policy appears to be beneficial

⦁ Totalitarianism disregards the individuals as individuals do not have rights, they have to sacrifice themselves for the well-being of the state therefore individuals are objects of the state
⦁ Power is induced , individuals are required to have complete obedience and loyalty for the state. No opposition against the state
⦁ Totalitarianism is a form of state that emphasises the spread of war, hatred and agressiveness . for example the second World War was an outcome of

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