Difference Between Tourism And Hotel Consortia

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Tourism and Hospitality Consortia
There are many different types of consortiums. There are the tourist attraction consortia, travel agency consortia and hotel consortia, which will be discussed in greater detail.
Being a part of consortiums is considered one of the greatest ways in marketing and selling your products. Hotel marketing chains have very impressive hotel chains such as best western which operates about 4100 hotels and hostels and its corporate headquarters is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

A hotel consortium is a shared association where the hotels are achieving mutual goals. Hotel consortia has significantly developed and grown over the past two decades. For small and independent hotels consortia is a primary choice of joining
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The stabilisation of a nation is a must for the development of tourism industry, tourism also helps generate income for the country. There are a wide range of associations that are involved in this industry including the independent hotels. The hotel industry is involved in consortium where they join in one or more associations to increase their buying capacity, and improve or grow their offers of services to target markets.

Collusion arrangements between partner hotels are developed to improve and increase their competencies, same as upgrade their market and improve their competitive position, while at the same case relating independence of ownership, usually consortia define in terms of degree of commitment, corporation, control and organisation of manner formality.

The benefits of an independent hotel are the flexibility where they can make changes and requirements much faster than a hotel with a larger chain. They have the full power of controlling in terms of changes and
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Small Luxury Hotels created in 1991 and was made to perform the collective interest of the luxurious, classy, independent hotels and resorts around the world. The consortium’s activities are invented to provide similar economies of scale to those achieved by the big international hotel chain. In 1995 the Small Luxury Hotels got together with the Asian and Pacific properties of Select Hotels and Resorts International, by creating a global membership and adding together with marketing services and reservations coverage in these regions. Later on, by 1997 the consortium’s membership exceeded 230 hotels in over 30 countries and by 2002 this had increased to more than 290 hotels in over 50 countries. Now days they have over 520 luxury hotels in more than 80 countries. Their service is operating all day long to answer all the questions and make suggestions to motivate customers. (By Alan Fyall,

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