Difference Between Toussaint And Tecumseh

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This essay aims to compare the Toussaint and Tecumseh, including ideas, circumstances that affected their actions, aims and the significance of their actions. Firstly, both Toussaint and Tecumseh were inspired by the idea of equality. But Toussaint was affected by the books about the Enlightenment and ancient European military books as he can read and write while Tecumseh cannot read and write so his mind is only affected by the culture and mystical religion of his tribe. So, Toussaint emphasized the equality and the freedom for his race, yet, Tecumseh emphasized the rights and independence of Indians. Secondly, both of their race were destroyed by the whites, they started their actions under the necessity and emergency Many slaves were killed by the whites and the slaves were kept importing. Same as the Africans, the whites were also oppressing the Indian, they forced the Indian to give up the land for hunting and living, and provided lots of rum to poison their mind. However, the circumstances of Toussaint are much better than that of Tecumseh. In1789, the French Revolution gave the hope of freedom to the slaves Santo Domingo. The civil war attracted the full attention of the colonial authorities, therefore, they did not notice the black was about to rebel. Although the brother of…show more content…
In contrast, when Tecumseh died, the land of Indian was still declining. Toussaint tried to keep a good relationship with Britain and Unites States in order to have a higher financial abilities through foreign trade, therefore, it helps the African slaves to keep fighting until the establishment of Haiti in1804. Moreover, the establishment of Haiti and the promotion of freedom and equality by Toussaint inspire African slaves to fight for the abolition of slavery, including the abolishment of slavery in
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