Difference Between Weak Theory And Weak Theory

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The rationale of this essay is to explain what a strong theory is and how it differs from a weak theory. It actually establishes a link between what a theory is and what a theory is not. Different kinds of theory are also highlighted. Then evaluation of theoretical development and its criteria is discussed. Predictive success is cited as an important indicator of validity of theory and lastly the ways to develop management theory and to make it interesting are being explained.
A theory is purely different from categorization of data-whether qualitative or quantitative, typologies and metaphors. Typologies and metaphors do not discuss and explain how and why while theory explains the underlying assumptions by using logic and causal arguments. Theory answers the queries about why events, thoughts and acts occur. Hence, theory is not a simple description, writing, listing or rewriting rather it explains the relationships.
The clear communication and organization are the main aims of the theoretical assertions. Theory can be defined as the statement of relationships (hypotheses and propositions) among variables (observed units) and constructs (approximated units). And the whole system of theoretical statements is bounded by assumptions about time, values and space. As suggested by Bacharach (1998), theory is a way or device to arrange, organize and communicate about this complex universe. It is the connections among phenomena. In short,

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