Definition Of Wealth Essay

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Richelle Fey Caasi
March 05, 2016
What Creates Wealth
In today’s society, wealth is a large definition to different people. The official meaning of “wealth” in Marriam-Webster’s Dictionary define it as an abundance of valuable possessions or money. In other words, wealth means living in a mansion, owning a Ferrari, or having loads of money in your bank account. If a person has nothing, then he or she is poor. However, what does money have to deal with wealth? There is a difference between being rich and being wealthy, which is the rich have lots of money and the wealth does not worry about the money. There is a saying that “Money can’t buy happiness” which is true. For me, wealth does not mean money, fame, or having everything and anything in the world. There are things money cannot buy that could consider being wealthy as long as I have my family, to be healthy, and to be happy. As life begins and love never ends, family is the number one aspect of being wealthy. I do not need a lot of money to have a rich life. Even though I may not have all the material things I ever wanted, my loving family are worth the load in gold. Take a man who is making $8.25 an hour per day; now pay him $50 an hour per day and in time, he will not be complaining about his job like the rest of us. Instead, he will …show more content…

People think that if they have money, then they will be happy. For me, no amount of money can buy a person what truly makes them happy. Sure, money is nice but happiness is not about money. I find it ridiculous when people say, “I’m not happy because I do not have enough money.” The way I see it, is that people do not fully understand what it is to be happy before they can have money. Being successful is not the result of having a lot of money. In order to be happy, being successful in your heart will make you successful in the outer world—to appreciate what you have because not everybody has

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