Difference Between Wechat And Traditional Media

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Discuss the difference between Wechat and traditional media tools (e.g., newspapers, TV…etc); as well as that between Wechat and other social media tools (such as Facebook).

1.1 Difference between WeChat and traditional media

The main difference between traditional media tools and WeChat is that the former one report the details of all new events, while the later one is news- oriented mainly focuses on news and commentary on all popular topics. Therefore, traditional media tools provide detailed news while WeChat provides short and accurate news that directly starts on analysis, which gives a timely commentary. Thus, in order to make its article easier to read, more down-to-earth, WeChat normally do not use those complex words or jargon.
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WeChat users’ behavior analysis

According to the statistics from Tencent, WeChat now currently have more than 500 million users and its users’ usage is extremely high as most of its users use WeChat everyday. The main users are mainly those 18-25 years old young adults, while others are those 25-35 years old. To sum up, there are several characteristics among those WeChat users.

They seek for entertainment. For most modern people, it is not uncommon to have stress and anxiety in their own daily life. Thus, people begin to search for a new way to relieve their stress. WeChat users can use a various kind of social plugin to interact with existing friends and new friends, a various kind of platform to release all kinds of information, news as well as a wide range of mini games in order to relieve the stress and pass the boring time. Thus, WeChat users usually seek for
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Unlike other anonymous social network, WeChat requires users’ verification from their mobile phones. Due to the high credibility of its real name system, it can directly reflect one’s social reality to this virtual space. WeChat users’ behaviors in this virtual space are totally being reflected and get the same effect in their reality life. WeChat provides multi-dimensional social functions to let users to build self- identity by using various kinds of interpersonal communication and hence get others’ approval. By sharing texts, photos and videos, these are the representative symbols of themselves, they use these to shape their self-own images and further expand their interpersonal

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