Difference Between Winnebago And Inuits

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Winnebago VS Inuit Cultures

Ho-chunk men wore a loincloth and leggings, and sometimes a shirt as well. Women wore a tunic-like deerskin dress. The Ho-chunks also wore moccasins on their feet. In cold weather, they wore buffalo robes.

Usually the Inuit wore clothing with two layers of clothes made out of caribou protoplasm. The Inuit tribes also wore clothing from other animal hide, including dog, squirrel, marmot, fox, wolf, polar bear, bird integument, feathers, and sealskin.


Winnebago people were farmers of corn, squash, and beans. The tribe’s men hunted deer, bison, and small game. The tribe also fished in lakes and rivers for fish.

Inuit people usually ate a mix of walrus, seal, and
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