Working As A Team Member Essay

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3.2 Discuss how working in a team as a leader would differ from working as a team member. Your answer should include working towards specific goals, dealing with any conflict or difficult situations. Roles of a team member Working as a team member is simpler. This is because a team member only has to follow the instructions of the team leader. In that respect, a team leader has the freedom to behave and interact with other in any appropriate way, so long as the instructions of the team leader has been met. A team member is not expected to take charge of the direction of the team. The team member is not responsible for solving any conflicts and the poor conduct of others. Each team member is held accountable to the team leader for his or her own actions. Working as a team leader can be more complicated than working as a team member. This is because a team leader has to lead by…show more content…
However, must team member roles entail understanding the rationale and goals of the project. Team members should work within the timeframes and stipulated costs. On top of that, team members should also be able to accurately map out the progress versus the plan of the project. When working, team members should aim towards meeting the production specifications of the company. Team members should know about the risks that they take in order to complete a project. They should work together as a team and foster good relationships and motivate one another. In this respect, communication is very important to each team member. The nine roles team members play according to Belbein’s role are: • Implementer, who is result oriented, systematic, practical and disciplined. • Resource Investigator, who is extroverted, cheery and has many contacts within and out of the team. • Plant able to think creatively to solve problems in an original and innovative
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