Difference Between Younger Generation And Older Generation

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In my research I would like to look into the differences between the lifestyle of younger generations and the older ones particularly, changes in Malaysia’s corporate culture over the ages. I am interested in this topic because most elderly folks have blame the younger generation for the fault in our economy, productivity, business ethics, and most of all, competiveness among colleagues. My goal is to weight out the distinct differences and to find an answer to the claims made by the older generation, not to prove that they are wrong but simply to tackle down this “one size fit all” theory; Millennials are killing the cooperate world. Therefore, I interviewed my grandfather who start from a humble beginning as one of many oil palm plantation owners in Kuala Lumpur, which then pave his way toward a successful life now as a retiree. ”For the past few decades my story inspired and influenced several relatives from our extended family to join business, and even use money generated from oil palm and family owned grocery store to pay off more than 20 children’s tertiary education abroad. It was an achieve of a milestone.” In the 60s and 70s, the Malaysian economy was in a bad shape as our commerce and financial hub –Singapore, left the Federation of Malaysia as a standalone independent state after a series of racial and political conflicts. In East Malaysia, the Sultanate of Brunei decline Malaysia’s offer as one of the founding member state due to the discovery of oil refinery in

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