Difference Between Zadig, Candide And Micromegas

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Voltaire’s Different Perspectives from Zadig, Candide, and Micromegas
Voltaire was a versatile artist whose literary works covered plays, philosophy, history, and poetry. He was an enlightenment preacher who uses his novellas to preach his ideology. In most of his philosophical works, Voltaire had different perspectives that triggered his philosophical reasoning. I could not help myself from comparing and contrasting those different perspectives from three major philosophical works of Voltaire that is, Micromegas, Candide, and Zadig. The three books somehow relate to their criticism of philosophical paradigms, but Micromegas is more scientific than the other two. It is also important to note that Voltaire’s publications represented respective ages, themes, and his own opinion. Despite the works dating back to 1700s, they have significant literary implications into modern thinking.
Micromegas (1752) is a scientific fiction that Voltaire documented while living with his mistress, Madame de Chatallet. Fundamentally, Micromegas is a story of a brilliant alien from a distant planet revolving around Newton’s scientific proclamations. The voyages of Micromegas
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Specifically, Candide allows him to attack his targets because of the nativity he portrays in Candide and originality that follows it. By leaving his audience to infer his philosophy from the satirical narratives of Candide and Zadig creates a contradiction. The approach does not make Voltaire captive of his perspective because philosophies often change depending on time. Voltaire's resolution manifests itself when candid says that human must go and work in the garden of Eldorado despite several misfortunes and fortunes. Apparently, Voltaire avoids reasoning the systems way but because he fears failure as that of Leibniz. Instead, he opts for criticism because he has
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